Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Will Now Judge Another Movie!

The movie that im gonna put the hammer to is.......................

Clash Of The Titans, the original, not the remake, it was amazing at its time, and that was before i was born, but now it is just a visual piece of shit. One of this movie's defects was trying to jump into the whole animation scheme before it actually got big, if they had done this as just a normal movie with what they could make back in the 80's then it might not be mocked today for what a piece of shit it is. But it's not up to me, its all up to you guys whether you think this movie is shitty or not.


  1. I'll admit to feeling a lil nostalgia over this movie. Not saying it's a good movie, but I used to watch it all the time regardless.

  2. I GOT THE ZELLCARD!!! YES!!!!!!!!!